Intern Kellie Met Hunter Hayes!

Kellie - Hunter

So, it’s no secret in the office that Kellie is SUPER OBSESSED with Hunter Hayes. As soon as I found out he was coming to the Gold and Silver Buyers Lounge at the Clear Channel Station, I kicked and cried until I got to go.

My boyfriend knows that Wanted will be our wedding song but he legitimately got mad because I obsessed all day on Saturday. I was saying things like, “OMG HE WAS SO CUTE,” and “GOSH, if you weren’t my boyfriend he totall would be!” But in the end, I was totally joking.

Hunter is so talented and has the most amazing songs. I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to meet him and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Got 2 grams for $40

Comedian Nathan Fielder tweeted his followers a prank for kids to pull on their parents. Since his tweet, the prank has gone viral and parents all over are scared to death that their perfect angels have turned into drug addicts. Here’s how the prank works: the kid texts their parents “Got 2 grams for $40.” The kid waits for the response and tries to keep it going as long as they can before their parents are in the car, ready to take them to rehab. We decided to try it on our parents and see how they would respond.

Intern Stephen here, I texted my mom this morning and it took awhile for her to respond so I was getting nervous. But she finally responded frantically. I couldn’t keep it going so I told her it was a viral prank going around and my boss wanted me to try it on my parents. She didn’t think it was very funny and thought a church related bit would be more appropriate. Intern StephenIntern Stephen

Intern Ashlee here…normally I would never pull a prank like this on my mother. She is what you may call a “worry wart” and she freaks out about drugs all the time…she won’t even let me take advil when I have a headache. So I already knew she was probably going to have a panic attack (all out of love of course) yet I also thought she would maybe get that this wasn’t real…me a drug dealer? I feel as though that’s a little far fetched. However she did believe it and freaked out. She also thought the bit about it being a prank was a lie…so I had to email her a link to a news article aboutt this viral prank. Needless to say we are all good now…but she told me to NEVER do something like that to her ever again.
Intern Ashlee

Intern Kellie Has an Odd New Obsession

So I’m known for obsessing over a lot of things.  In particular, hummus, guacamole, and social media (so much so, I tweeted my 8,000th tweet on Monday!).  Well, my new obsession still involves social media but it also involves my college degree.

For those of you who may be unaware, I am proudly graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 27 DAYS with a degree in Multimedia Journalism (see my senior picture below). I hope to become a sports reporter for a major news network and/or newspaper.  I’m sure most of you are quite aware, THIS JOB MARKET IS POOPY!  I have probably applied to 75-100 jobs in the pat 4 months and haven’t heard much back.  So, I’ve turned to social media to get a job. 

You hear about these business people getting a job via LinkedIn so why can’t I do that?!  Whenever I think of somewhere I want to work, I send the editor a quick tweet or write on their Facebook page asking if they have any open position and bam!  You know what? Since I started that, I’VE HAD MORE RESPONSES THAN APPLYING VIA EMAIL!  Because they expect my email! 

While I haven’t had any positions offered yet, I see the sun coming out to shine and a job is right on the horizon.  It’s all about thinking outside of the box these days and that’s exactly what I am trying to do.

Also, if any of you need a writer, hit me up! Image

How Long is too Long to Leave the Dirty Dishes Out on the Counter?

By: Intern Kellie

Today, I want to have a little bit of “dirty” talk with you. It’s a very happy time in my life, I’m moving in with my boyfriend.  However, I’m also moving in with his three other roommates.  I love them all to death and we all get along really well but there is something that goes on in that house that really gets under my skin.

They all tend to leave the dirty dishes out on the counter for a long, extended period of time. I’m talking like, multiple days to a week.  Now I will admit I’m guilty of being tired after cooking and leaving the dish in the sink until the next day.  However, they usually don’t even put the dishes in the sink! They leave them out on the COUNTER to rot and grow mold. Also, instead of just rinsing the plate and setting it in the dishwasher they just pile them all over the counter.  I just don’t get it.  

I am not taking up for my boyfriend in this instant either because he is by far the worst.  He likes to cook fish in the oven and then lets the nasty fish oil sit on the pan for days. He won’t even wash it before the next he cooks! He’ll just shove some more foil over it and think it’s okay to use. (GROSSSSSS)

What really sparked my interest to right this blog is last night I could not handle it anymore. There were dishes from the last WEEK piled and piled all over the counter. The worst was a pot someone had cooked queso in.  I let it soak in some soapy water FOUR times and it STILL wasn’t clean last night. I decided I had put my work in when it came to that pot.

I’ve created this blog below and I’m curious, how long do YOU think it’s okay to leave the dishes out before they’re all washed?  Let me know in the poll below.

Click here to take survey

Friends Reunion Season in the Works?

If you are jumping up and down and screaming out of excitement just from reading the title of this blog (much like I did when I read many of the viral articles online claiming that NBC had confirmed a Friends reunion season in 2014) —I hate to burst your bubble. Unfortunately all these rumors are just a cruel, cruel joke someone decided to play on us millions of die hard Friends fans. 

Its been nearly a decade since our favorite sitcom graced the silver screen in its memorable series finale. (How crazy it that!?) That means Chandler and Monica’s twins would be in the second grade. Rachel and Ross would have been together for 9 years since they declared their undying love for each other…and who even knows what Phoebe and Joey would be up to (something cooky I’m sure).

When I saw a Facebook status about the reunion season. I was beyond ecstatic…I even called my mom. I almost posted a tweet to alert my peers about this amazing dream come true. (You may think I sound a little over-enthusiastic…but come on…its Friends…) Trying to be a wise journalist (and applying what my professors have been stressing my entire four years at college) I decided to double check my info, before spreading this news. I almost wish I had just allowed myself to believe that it was true. Unfortunately for me (and the entire world) the Huffington post, brashly declared that the rumors of the new season were nothing more than that…just rumors. 

Thinking back, and being realistic I suppose I should’ve known it couldn’t be possible. I mean–would Jen Aniston actually go back to TV–and an even better question, could NBC afford to bring her back?


I suppose for now I’ll just have to catch Friends reruns and day dream about what the reunion season would be like if it ever occurs. Sigh.


Here’s who says it aint gonna happen…


Delicious cake!

Delicious cake!

Last Friday, I (Intern Kellie) was the only intern at the station. I believe it was Heather that came across a picture on Facebook of this delicious cake and she was like, “OMG, MAKE THIS.” Well, I love to bake and I usually don’t have much time but I decided this looked like a challenge I wanted to take.

It was very time consuming but it came out AWESOME! Find the recipe below (I just googled Kit Kat and Reese’s Pieces cake).

1 (18 1/4 ounce) box duncan hines devil’s food cake mix
1 1/3 cups milk
4 eggs
1/2 cup canola oil
1 (1 1/2 ounce) box instant chocolate pudding mix (the small box)

1 (16 ounce) container white frosting (I was really close to running out so you might grab 2 containers)
3/4 cup peanut butter

12 (1 1/2 ounce) Kit Kat bars (not snack size)
1 (1 lb) bag Reese’s pieces

1. Preheat oven to 350
2. To make the cake:.
3. In a large bowl, combine the Duncan Hine’s cake mix, milk, eggs, canola oil and chocolate pudding mix . Mix until everything is moist and then mix on Medium speed for 2 minutes.
4. Divide cake mix evenly between two 9″ greased round cake pans.
5. Bake for 28-31 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in pans for 5 minutes then remove cakes and cool completely on wire rack.
6. To make the icing:
7. Spoon vanilla icing into a bowl and add peanut butter. Mix with hand mixer until combined. Add more peanut butter, to taste.
8. To assemble the cake:.
9. Place one cake on whatever plate you are using to serve it and icing like normal, adding some extra on the top.
10. Place the second cake on top of the first cake. Icing the second cake to create a layer cake. It does not have to look pretty — you won’t see it anyway.
11. Break Kit Kats in half so that 2 bars are still stuck together. You will use between 10 and 12 (4 packs) of Kit Kats depending on the size of your cake.
12. Spread some icing on the back of each Kit Kat section and begin placing them around the cake (vertically and right next to each other). It will begin to resemble a fence going around the cake.
13. Fill the top of the cake with Reese’s Pieces (you will probably use a whole bag).
15. Cover and refrigerate or serve immediately.

Enjoy, I know we sure did!

Social Media Update

Its intern Ashlee here with a new social media update. Y’all…There’s a new app out there that allows women to rate men like yelp let’s you rate restaurants. Yeah I figured that would catch your attention…

The name of the game is LuLu and when I first heard about it I could barely believe my ears. I am guilty of Facebook stalking a crush…maybe even stooping to google them or checking out their linked-in account (gotta see if they’re ambitious!). But sometimes you just can’t get all the info you need. Are they a nice guy? A player? Do they respect women? blah blah all those obsessive girl questions that go through our minds. And now–wah la–we have the LuLu app here to answer all of our inquiries regarding members of the opposite sex. 

I’m sure you are curious as to how this thing works. Well here we go…

Once you download the free app you are instructed to log-in through Facebook.  It is then verified via your Facebook info that you are a female (LuLu is only for the ladies). Once you log-in to the app can rate all of your male Facebook friends…and see reviews they have already gotten. The best/worst/scariest part about it-is all reviews are anonymous. You can literally say anything you want and no one will know its you. (Beware boys…better start being friendly)  Users must specify whether the person they’re rating is an ex, a crush, a current partner, someone they’ve hooked up with, a friend or a relative.

So how does the rating work? LuLu allows you to rate guys on their looks, personality, commitment ability and their best and worst qualities. Your answers on qualities are selected from a list of hashtags– to  keep this from getting downright cruel. They range from the good #Respectswomen, #TrueGentleman, #SixPackAbs, to the ugly #wonderingeye #manchild #crazyjealous.

I suppose you could interpret it as pure evil or female mastermind…but we are just tryin to help a sister out ya know? Guys can be devious and deceptive…and with the LuLu app we now have just a little more transparency. And of course we girls are having a blast with this. Its like the ultimate secret girl network. A guide to everything we ever wanted to know about the guys we interact with…or what we don’t want to know (my friend found out major TMI on her little bro). Maybe even a way to seek revenge on an ex. 

But then it hits you. Wait….what if guys come up with something like this? OH THE HORROR. This would be terrible. While guys can laugh off a #jerk hashtag…I just imagine girls running around crying…a lot (like when the Burn Book got released in Mean Girls.) COMPLETE MAYHEM of girl world. I keep reassuring myself that guys simply aren’t as crazy-psycho as girls and therefore would never use or create an app like this for themselves (we can only hope.)

For now all I can wonder is what will they come up with next?ImageImage

Only Child Stereotypes

Only Child Stereotypes

It’s Intern Kellie and I’m here to talk about stereotypes.

I have always disagreed with these campaigns against stereotyping because let’s be honest, these stereotypes are here because people created them!

Well, I know it might be hard to believe but I’m an only child. JUST KIDDING BECAUSE IT’S NOT HARD TO BELIEVE AT ALL.

I went home for the first time this semester to visit my parents for Easter. Boyfriend went with me (he’s met my parents a couple of times) and we were pumped for good/free food and family time.

I still get the exciting feeling when I go to bed before holidays because my mom and dad spoil me to death. Now, I would like to brief this with I do a lot so it’s not like they’re just giving me all of this stuff for no reason. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I’m working three jobs, taking 10 credit hours, plus I have a love life.

Anyways, I didn’t tell my boyfriend but I was pumped about Easter morning. And when we woke up, we each had our own Easter baskets sitting in the living room, wrapped from the Easter bunny with the labels to Joshua and Kellie from the Easter Bunny.

As you can see in the picture, this is a bigger Easter basket than probably a 4-children family combined. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY!

It had things I needed (like pajamas and soap), things I didn’t need (like delicious Godiva chocolates), and not one but TWO GOLDEN EGGS!

I’m sorry if you hate only children but I love being an only child. I probably won’t have an only child myself but I loved growing up one (actually my mom says since she only had one kid I have to have 10 grand kids for her, no thanks).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my enlightenment/views on only children and Happy Easter!

One is the Loneliest Number

One is the Loneliest Number

Intern Kellie alone in the studio today. I’m here to talk about a sensitive topic with you.

Yesterday, I had one of the worst days of my life. In the midst of dealing with a group project in which the group was extremely dysfunctional, I was not feeling well, and I was just overall sensitive to everything everyone said, I really wanted the day to be over.

My group had to rush the project together, give a presentation about it, and the professor basically told us it was awful, I really couldn’t handle much more. I normally have another class after that but I just couldn’t do it yesterday. I called my amazing boyfriend (he really is amazing) and said I need you to take me for a drink and a burger.

As a side note, whenever I’m upset, depressed, moody, etc., I stress eat. I am very blessed to have been given amazing genes in which I can eat anything and everything I want and still stay thin (THANKS MOM! And don’t tell me it will catch up to me later because my mom still weighs 114 pounds).

Well, I had a beergarita, the most amazing burger ever, and the company of the man I love and I felt much better. Until he had to go to work. My boyfriend owns a bar downtown and picks up shifts on occasion for extra money (meaning he works nights). He left about 8 p.m. and it was really sad because he always makes me feel better.

As soon as he left, I realized that awesome burger I ate had digested and I was hungry again (well, really I just wanted to eat) and I had a HUGE craving for Chinese food.

I tried to call my friend that loves the same place as me but he didn’t answer. I sat in bed watching bad TV trying to resist the urge for about ten minutes and knew I was losing that battle. So I put on some flip flops and headed out, alone.

Whenever I got to the restaurant and requested a table for one, the staff immediately perked up and treated me like a queen. Why is this?! Do they think in my normal life, I’m just a lonely person? I had the staff of about 6 waiters constantly checking on me to make sure I was okay.

To make it worse, I had brought in a book for school that screamed FERTILITY AND REPRODUCTION – ASSISTED REPRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY. I thought, “Oh geez, do people think I’m some freak trying to have a baby on my own because I’ve given up on men?!”

But seriously, take a look at the lo-mein I ate (about 3/4 of the plate went straight to my belly)! I was in and out in about 30 minutes and geez, I was glad whenever that situation was over but it was totally worth all of the people judging me.

I have included a picture of my amazing boyfriend with our beergarita, the fertility book, and the delicious lo-mein I ate alone.

Maybe next time, I’ll just save my craving for when I can go with my boy! :)

In the end I’m just a 22-year-old stuck in a bunk bed….

I live in a house with 48 other girls…share a bathroom with 23 of them…and sleep in a tiny, tiny room with 3.  Have you ever seen the opening scene of Legally Blonde? All the girls are running around the sorority house laughing and being all girly and such…I would like to say that that is a very stereotypical depiction of where I live…but its pretty darn close (minus the fully done makeup and skimpy pajamas…around here we like to look a mess most of the time in xtra large tees…it’s the cool thing to do…but that’s a whole other story)


 It would be safe to say I live in the ultimate girl world. I like it I really do…always have a closet to shop in, a friend to discuss that boy that you just can’t figure out , and about fifteen of your closest friends to crowd around the TV with to catch the latest episode of the Bachelor. Wait–are you gagging yet? Sorry for the cheesiness… But there is just one thing…one thing that I can’t stand…one thing that makes me want to scream “GET ME OUTTA HERE!” It’s not the drama (believe me with nearly 50 girls in one place you know its gotta happen.) not the fact that I don’t get to cook my own food, not even that I have to share my room…it’s the BUNKBED.


Every morning that I wake up in my top bunk, hit my head on the ceiling and then struggle down my ladder that seems to be at least ten feet off the ground. I can feel every single movement my bunkmate makes in her sleep. If I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Ugh talk about misery. Or sometimes I’ll get all settled and ready to go to bed and then remember I left my phone down far far below.  All I’m trying to do is be mature you know? Yet every morning I have to start my day off in this bunk bed and somehow I am reminded of how much growing up I have left to do.


And perhaps this is karma in its most evil form. Every time I complain about this stinkin’ bunk bed I am reminded of an incident from my childhood…which probably accounts for why I am stuck in the sleeping situation that I am today.  It was a fateful spring day, my mother and I were shopping. There in the middle of Dillard’s furniture was what at the time seemed like a dream -A light pink, princess bunk bed. Oh how I wanted it. At five years old,  I knew that if I had that bunk bed my life would be perfect. When I was denied this dream…I did NOT take it well. Pretty please turned to whining and whining turned to begging and eventually a full out temper tantrum which ultimately led to me being escorted out and getting’ a big ole spanking. Not my brightest shining moment. I just have this feeling that the karma gods are looking down at me now as I stub my toe on my stupid ladder every morning just chuckling “How do you like your bunk bed now?”

 I long for the day when I can get out of bed and touch the ground with my feet.  But for now, if you look past the almost completed college degree, the job I’m about to start, the resume I’ve spent years building, the interview suit hanging in my closet, all that growing up I’ve tried to do…if you really get down to it…in the end I’m still just a 22 year old still stuck in a bunk bed.