Procrastination Nation

Intern Ashlee here.

So we’ve all had that moment–its 3am…you are about 2,000 facebook photos deep on that one guy in your English class that you talked to once last semester…and your research paper, the one due tomorrow. Yeah not even close to being done. If you haven’t been in a situation like this then I applaud you…please teach me your ways. But if you are like me… you have been…multiple times. I call it procrastination nation, and I am the queen of it. 

Every time I get to the 3:00am moment then about fifteen minutes I have a freak out “OMG I’M GOING TO FAIL COLLEGE AND CONSEQUENTLY RUIN MY ENTIRE LIFE moment..” Right then I vow to myself that this will be the last time. Next big assignment I’ll finish weeks in advance, but then I find myself right in the same place a few weeks later. 

So what’s the deal with this?? Why do we do this to ourselves? I would consider myself a good student. I really care about my grades, and I enjoy learning (most of the time.) So you think I would’ve gotten the hang of disciplining my time by the 16th grade– but alas no. I blame social media and the internet (of course I will forego all personal responsibility 🙂 NO it is not my fault!!) But when I’ve got facebooks to creep, tweets to tweet, pins to pinterest, and shows to netflix….why would I EVER want to get something done ahead of time? What really drives me crazy is that facebook never seems soooo enticing as when I have a huge test to study for or when a paper is due at midnight. 

It is almost as if I’ve trained my brain to only work under intense time crunches. When I try to write or study things ahead of time…they just never turn out as good. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a professor say “Don’t cram for a test…cramming doesn’t work” and then I look down at the A+ on my test and I’m all like “ha if only you knew..” When it comes to writing I’m what I like to call a “pressure cooker.” I need that time crunch, that you gotta write this right now feeling to produce anything worthwhile. 

With less than two months left in my college career I would like to say that I learned from my mistakes. That the delirium of an allnighter, the misery of the headbobs when you just can’t seem to read about the Cold War another minute–have taught me to schedule my time, to get things done without procrastination. Instead I’ve developed the most excellent procrastination skills known to man. I guess you could say…I’m pro-procro, professional procrastinator .

That’s all for today…gotta go finish that five page paper I have due in an hour…



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